Martini Madness Strikes Wilderness Safari Camps in Namibia

While leading a landscape photography workshop in Namibia, professional photographer Randy Hanna, stepped behind the bar to share his mixology knowledge with the staff. After a quick survey of the cold room in the kitchen, Randy began to assemble his components for the next evening’s class. With all of the ingredients and note pads in hand, plus special herbs from the local garden, the class began.Together, the team whipped up an entire suite of wonderful martinis including, ‘Apple Tini’, ‘Strawberry-Kiwi Tini’, ‘Orange – Cranberry Splash’, ‘Kalulu Cosmo’, and the most popular ‘Basil and Cucumber Martini.’ Before we knew it, a line had formed in front of the bar as  word spread among the staff and guests, with everyone having the benefit of trying some new concoctions. The last drink from the class was the ‘Midnight Kiss Matini’ (Kailua, Chocolate Liquor, and vodka), guaranteed to cross your eyes. The final exam was the bar staff replicating all of the drinks to Randy’s satisfaction and as Randy said, “Man, did they knock them out of the park!” You can follow Randy’s adventures and safaris at

Randy Hanna Behind the Bar at Little Kulala

Cheers and Happy Photo’ing