Cheetah Chase – Safari Update Day 8

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, there is seldom a safari in which I don’t see something new.  In this case, one of my clients captured five adolescent cheetahs chasing a Silver Backed Jackal.

So here is the set up.  On our way to Mbaligiti, we heard of a family of Cheetahs just hanging out, so we decided to divert a bit and have a look.  When we arrived, there was mom and five adolescent cubs in the shadow of a tree.  A mother being able to raise five cubs to full adolescence is uncommon, so this was a treat in itself.  Mom suddenly moved forward in a stalking position until she realized the motion was just a jackal, then she collapsed under a small tree to find shade again.  The cubs on the other hand decided to have a go that the jackal and before you knew it all of the cubs joined in and a full out chase was happening right in front of us.  Toward the end of the clip you will see another jackal running into the frame, no doubt to save his or her mate from the chase of the Cheetahs.  In the end, the Jackals when to the scrub brush and left the Cheetahs with nothing but a dry mouth.  Special thanks to Jean Rosenblum for her video.

Cheers and happy photo’ing