Dubai Sets World Record for Fireworks – I was there

We made a fun stop at Dubai for two days on the way to leading another safari for Rwanda.  Photographing the Mountain Gorillas is always an intense rush for me.

Overlooking the Palm Jumeirah, we were treated to a front row seat for an incredible display.  Lasting only 6 minutes, Dubai beat the world record in the first 10 seconds (so they say).  Although I set up well in advance for this event, I was not prepared for the for the vastness of the event.  Yep, I selected the wrong lens.  I thought the major event was going to be around Atlantis.  Much to my surprise, it was right in front of me, spanning most of the palm. By the time I figured things out and changed the lenses and corresponding exposure, I decided to just sit back and take it all in.  Hard to beat the image from Dubai Media, with multiple locations, both land and air based.  Below is what we saw:

Cheers and happy photo’ing