Views From The Airplane

Leaving SEATAC hurdling toward Frankfurt, Germany in an aluminum tube, some 37,000 feet in the air at a smooth 586mph, we were treated to a wonderful view of the Canadian Rockies as we started making our way across the pole.  Eight hours later approaching Germany, mother nature delivered another treat for us, a killer sunrise.  BTW, the Airbus A333 took 46 seconds from throttle up to rotation at 186mph.  For the second leg (Frankfurt to Johannesburg),  we will be flying the monster A380.  Seeing this aircraft side by side the Boring 747, the 747 is dwarfed by a considerable amount.

After stowing our bags in the Start Alliance Lounge, we are ready to hit the bonhauf (train) to downtown Frankfurt for some sightseeing.  I wonder what we will find.  Shooting through the window with my new Sony NEX-6,  frost, scratches and all;  I can tell you I love this little camera.

Sony NEX-6, Automatic Mode, 16-50mm Lens @ ~ 18mm

Sony NEX-6, Automatic Mode, 16-50mm Lens @ ~ 28 mm

Cheers and happy photo’ing