Iceland Workshop II – Helio Ride

Before the workshop started, 6 of us contracted for some very pricey air time.  I had spent nearly two months working with helicopter companies from Iceland trying to find a company that would meet our photography requirements.  I finally found ONE company that supported us with a doors off configuration.  Flying an Eurocopter A350, we configured the aircraft for full doors off on one side of the aircraft.  With two shooters on seats (on front and one back), I took up the most outer position setting on the floor (secured to the floor with a monkey strap) with my legs on the skids.  Although the wind was often a killer, I was able to obtain some simply wonderful images when we had light.  I shot with three cameras, Nikon D4 (24-70), D3x (70-200), and a Hasselblad H5D with a 35-90 zoom stabilized with a Kenyon 6×6 2 axis gyro stabilizer.  Yes, I used all of the cameras.

Off I go ready to shoot Iceland from the air.

Amazing what I was able to obtain from the air when we had light.