Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Reserve, New Mexico

Nikon D2x, ISO 400, 17-55mm @  55mm, 1/60 sec at f5.6


A good friend of mine and fellow safari goer, Michael Tomcik, joined me for 4 days at Bosque.  To put it mildy, the weather stunk (very warm) which resulted in a significant lack of birds.  Michael and I went to Bosque to study along side of Arthur Morris to perfect the finer art of using flash to photograph birds on the fly in low light conditions.  We were treated to several killer sunrises and toward the end of the instruction, we started to get some keeper images.  On the last day of the trip, Michael and I left the pack and headed into the higher altitudes to photograph the mystical Very Large Array.  If you recall the movie Contact, with Jody Foster, you will get the idea.  Rounding the last bend at more than 8,000 feet, we were greeted to a sight that would drive any sci-fi person nuts.  As far as we could see were giant radar dishes just sitting there gathering information from space. I think they are still looking for that ‘Contact’.

Very Large Array, Outside of Soccoro, New Mexico

Nikon D2x, 200-400VR f4@ 340mm, ISO 250  f11 @1/500 sec