Back in Africa

I have been in Kenya now for three full days of shooting, located just outside of Amboseli National Park.  During this trip, my emphasis was to be on the massive elephants that roam this area.  Any thing else that came my way was a bonus.  For this trip I wanted to focus on some specialized shooting which required a different equipment approach.  My equipment included a full spectrum IR camera, my medium format Hasselblad, a remotely controlled camera system and my trusty Nikon D850.  I also packed my Nikon D4 for some high speed shooting, but more on that later. I configured my kit so my Nikon would be dedicated to the longer shots, while the Hasselblad would capture the wide angle to medium angle work.  The IR was set with a 16mm super wide angle to capture the massive wide open spaces that Amboseli is known for, hopefully populated with elephants.

I’ll be posting a few of the results in future blog postings so stay tuned.