Seattle Blue Hour Shooting

In one of my FB postings, I mentioned where we were. Here are two photos from our shooting night. Remy had asked for help with creating a pano, so that is what we created. She was shooting her Nikon D750 and I was shooting my trusty Hasselblad.

Dig into this file and just look at the details. From the people on the deck of Anthony's to Mount Rainier in the distant, its all there and that's what a medium format is all about. Yes I know, clouds and sunsets like this in Seattle are rare in the winter. Luck was with us. The rain started the next day (again).

Hasselblad H6D50c, 24mm HCD, ISO 100, f/11 @ 1/2 sec; 4 frames stitched in Lightroom. The second image was shot with my 35-90mm HCD and with a bit longer exposure. Love blue hour shooting.

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