First Light - Freezing Cold

2018-01-30 00-27-57 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4)+tonalC-Edit.jpg
Hasselblad H6D50c, HCD28mm, ISO 100, 3.0 sec @ f/11, 3 Stop ND, Senja, Norway, January 27, 2018.  The image above is the 3 shot focus stack using Heliconfocus as my stacking software.

We were at the end of our workshop in Northern Norway and sun had been messing with us the entire trip.  The rumor was that sunrise today was a solid potential for a great capture. The sun broke just enough to touch the tops of the peaks and color the clouds.  A perfect treat for our last shoot of the trip.

Although I was prepared for cold, nothing really prepares you for working in minus 15-20C.  Standing on icy covered rocks with ice spikes on my boots, I soon became disinterested in the cold nipping at my body as the image began to unfold before me.  A quick calculation of my hyperfocal distance and I was set to capture an incredible sunrise that lasted only a few minutes.  I knew that I would be taking three exposures to form the final image, changing only the focus point.  With the changing light on the mountain tops and cloud highlights, I had to work quickly for each set.  Rocked this one without falling on my face.

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