Into the Artic Once Again

I hate the COLD but I sure love photographing the beauty of a white wonderland.  Today, I'm off to lead another Muench Photographic Workshop in Norway.  We will start our adventure just slightly above the Arctic Circle before taking a 15 hour sail deeper into the circle and further north.  Look forward to updates along the way.

Although I came prepared to shoot in -40C, it looks like it will be a bit warmer and prospects for Northern Lights look very good.

Now, I'm off to Leknes and them moving far North to a remote area outside of Bardufoss, Norway. 

Pro Tip:  When photographing in cold weather, batteries are the first to go.  To help prolong their life, simply keep them in the side side pocket of the layered jack next to your body.  Your body heat will keep them alive giving you much longer shooting periods.