Reaching for the Heavens

The fog obscures the foothills of the valley floor, the mountains reach for the heavens.  

Another early morning put us high atop Xianggong Mountain looking into the valley. With fog and mist predicted, we hit the bus at 0330 in hopes of getting ahead of the game. Arriving just as the gates opened, we were treated to several hundred fellow photographers all racing to the top platform for the best of the best views. All of us, less one, ended up at the lower viewing platform. With fewer people, this proved to be just the right spot for the morning. In no time flat, the area was elbow to elbow with photographers worming their way into every available inch of open space, all in hopes of capturing an award-winning photograph. Where no space existed, they made space. How funny to watch everything going on.

 H6D50c, HCD35-90mm @ 60mm, ISO 100, 1/750 sec at f/8.0