Meet The New President: Tootie


The Rangers refer to the Alpha Male of a Chimp family as the President and the second in command as the Deputy. During my last tour to Kibale, I photographed Muguzi on several occasions. He was a very stoic Chimpanzee, totally at ease when were around him. When I arrived this trip, the Rangers told me that we had a new President.

Apparently, this past November (not kidding), Tooti, at young man of 23 years, assumed the role of the President after three long difficult fights with Muguzi (48 years old).

Welcome to your new leadership position, Tooti.

Another view of Mr. Tootie, looking straight into my eyes that lets me know he is clearly in charge.

Chimpanzees are often located on the forest floor amid dense vegetation. Wtih the overhead trees allowing very little sunlight penetration, this is all about low light shooting which calls for a camera with low noise at high ISOs. My first camera of choice is the Nikon D5, sporting a sensor that has some of the lowest noise levels in the industry with operating at high ISO levels.

Nikon D5, 70-200mm f/2.8 Nikkor @ 200mm, ISO 2500, 1/125 sec at f/2.8