As you may have noticed, I recently pulled down two FB postings that had to do with political positions on our National Parks and the proposed authorization to release coal tailings into our rivers. While I remain very firm on my beliefs, I simply refuse to be a spring board for comments that serve no purpose except to enrage others.

Time to rise above all of this.

I keep coming back to this photograph I took of a young Novice while leading a photograph trip to Myanmar. His inward reflection and devotion to peace and personal growth spoke to me and every time I look at this image I am reminded of the power of inward reflection.



You may not agree with things going on in our political system. I get it and I fully understand and appreciate your frustration. So here are some thoughts that have helped me move past all of this stuff:

1. President Trump is our president and there is nothing you or I can do about it. I’m not saying you have to like this, I’m just saying it is how it is. Thank you for taking time to vote, regardless of who you voted for. If you did not vote, then IMHO, you should not bring your car to the race track.

2. When you have issue with something our elected officials are proposing, use your energy to contact your elected officials both by phone and mail. Keep your response to the point, factual and professional. My dad told me that when you “kill ‘em with kindness, you will always get their attention.”

3. Spend some time assessing your current personal situation. Re-check your moral compass and live by your integrity. Honor your family and friends by your actions.

4. Take a walk on the wild side and visit somewhere you have never gone before. Give this place a chance to speak to you and find a photograph or just enjoy the view. Tell someone about your adventure and empower them to explore.

5. Read as much as you can and try to find truth. Just remember, the first situation report from the battlefield is always wrong (General Colin Powell, Ret).

6. United we stand, divided we fall.

7. To my friends in other countries, please remember that the United States of America is a resilient country. We have overcome lots of conflicts and will continue to do so. Please continue your faith in us. We will be back shortly and please keep up the humor, from Namibia to Denmark – just love it.

8. To my Saturday Night Live team, keep up the great work. Everyone needs to smile every day.

BACK TO MY PHOTOGRAPHY.  I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoy taking them.