Okavango Delta: Proud Papa


We moved from Little Vumbura today to our second location, Chitabe Camp. The terrain is significantly different here as Chitabe is located inland within the Okavango Delta. Situated between the Gomoti and Santantadibe Rivers, we are well positioned to photograph anything that heads our way. 

In this post I’m featuring a photograph from Alexis, she’s not only one of my favorite guests on the trip, she just so happens to be my daughter! It’s her first time on safari with me and it has been absolutely wonderful to spend time with her in the Delta. She did a great job at capturing two hippos during an emotional discussion today. I’m very proud of her photography skills and have really enjoyed watching her improve during this trip. 

Chitabe is sure to have more in store for us over the next few days. Our guide has told us a leopard with very small cubs has been seen near the camp and there is a rumor there could be more wild dogs and lions in the area.

Blogging live from Chitabe Camp, Botswana
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