Okavango Delta: Finding Contrast in Camouflage


We lucked out this morning with a fantastic cheetah sighting, which is a rarity in this area of the Okavango Delta. Photographer Mitch Stringer captured the cheetah sighting beautifully, his photo is above. 

When wildlife is hunting in stealth mode, photography opportunities can be a challenge – you can see how well the cheetah is camouflaged in this environment. Mitch’s approach to focus on the cat’s eyes through the tall grasses proved to be an effective strategy. He got a unique shot and was able to highlight the natural setting. 

Mitch frequently shoots for USA Today and I’ve had the pleasure of having him on safari with me in the past. You can follow Mitch on Instagram @Mitch_Stringer_Images.

Blogging live from Little Vumbra, Botswana
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