Venice is a Postcard Waiting to Happen

I’ve been in Venice, Italy for the past few days getting ready to lead another Muench Workshop for photographers.  Although our primary emphasis will be the Dolomites, we will be spending a couple of days in Venice before we head out the mountains. 

Many say that photographing Venice is difficult.  I say just find a canal, figure out your composition, then wait for something to happen because everything in Venice happens around the waterways and canals.  With no roads on the island, the canals and waterways are the life-blood of the city that provides all necessary means of transportation.  From food delivery to people transport and garbage pick-up – it all happens on the water.

I was up very early shooting on my first morning, just a few feet from my hotel.  With the sun to my back I caught a delivery boat starting to make his rounds up and down the canal.  One of the neat things about Venice, if you are up early you will likely be by yourself.  Once the clock hits 8 or 9, things start to go crazy and it is time for breakfast, along with me and everyone else in the world.

Shooting details:  Hasselblad H6D, HCD 35-90mm @ 40mm, ISO 400, f/11 @ 1/60 sec.

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