No Sunrise Light - Just Go Black and White

Up early today in hopes of catching the iconic shot of sunrise over the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge, one of fourbridges that span the Grand Canal in Venice.

I realized early on that the dramatic sunrise that I was counting on photographing was happening elsewhere in the world.  Having busted my butt to get here, complete with my right knee killing me after the 30 minute walk (almost getting lost twice – thanks Google Maps), I was bound and determine to walk away with something usable.

Out comes the Wonderpana 6 stop filter (later switched to the 10 stop as light started to get up), and my wide angle.  Taking a few minutes to figure out a quick comp, the cloud movement and the timing of the boats. I settled in on the bridge at a somewhat lower angle than most I’ve seen.  My poor RRS tripod was clearly in Gumby mode, as attested by a few glares from other photographers.  I was there to shoot not make a fashion statement, so it really didn’t bother me.

The longer exposure worked out well to capture the lights of the boats and the movement of the clouds.

Shooting details:  Hasselblad H6D50C, HCD24mm, ISO 100, f/11 at 91 sec, WonderPana 6 Stop ND and giving LIghtroom a bit of a workout.