Surfs Up in Kauai

When they say the surf is up, they really mean it. What made for wonderful surfing also made for some great wave photography on the North Shore of Kauai.

Another location that you should not journey to under high surf conditions or high tide is the rocky outreach north of Ke’ee Beach. Again, I undertook this location in hopes of getting some great high wave images, but not without first taking a hard look at the ocean state and weather.

When you look thru the lens and get all excited about the images, you lose any peripheral vision and become myopic. When working along the ocean it is critical to have a spotter observing the waves and watching your back; they are your shooting conscience and your safety net. Hats off to Kat and Roger for their help. Today we will be back to this site with even higher surf after we hike the Kulalau Trail, this time with Steve and Lori. Jim is lost in a sand trap somewhere and Barb well, only Barb knows where she is.

Happy shooting and be careful out there.

Hasselblad H6D50c, HCD 150mm, ISO 100, F/9.5 at 1/800 sec with B+W CP, 1.2 ND, RRS tripod and BH50 head.