Kirkjufellsfoss – In the shadow of Kirkjufell

We worked this area twice trying to capture the normally seen images as well as searching for something more personal and seldom seen.  Unfortunately, this means getting wet – really wet.  I spied a small cave (of sorts) behind the waterfall last year however, the conditions were not really the best (too much spray).  This time, I went really went prepared armed with knee high much boots and rain gear for me and my camera.  So off I go with Jim in tow.  Battling spray from the waterfall, it was a constant effort to keep the filters clean.

The image below is a three shot pano with an overlap of about 35-40%.  Thank goodness I really went heavy on the overlap as my YELLOW rag (covering the camera) found its way into the left of each of the frames for the second and third exposure.  The extra overlay allowed me to crop out the rag before starting the photomerge for the panorama.

Shooting details:  Hasselblad H6D50c, HCD 28mm, ISO 100, 1.3 seconds @ f/11.  Lee Little Stopper and B+W circular polarizer.  Note: This shot also required two changes in the focus point (manual focusing) as I rotated the camera.