Day 1 of 7 in the Omo Valley

Day 1 of 7 in the Omo Valley.

Just for fun, and some learning, I am kicking off several week-long one-a-day postings from my safari locations. To those of you who follow me, you might recognize some of the images from several years ago. It is always fun for me to revisit my adventures, sort of like unwrapping gifts.

The kick off posting is a series from the Omo Valley. I’ll be back there in November 2016 for another remarkable experience (two spots are currently available).

Taken from the banks of the Omo River, a Karo (or Kara) warrior proudly poses for me against stormy clouds.

Once you understand lighting ratios and something called the inverse square law, it is very easy to overpower the sun and obtain shots like this. Don’t be fooled, this image was not created a dusk – it is just about managing the ratios of light.

What about the rifle? Don’t worry, it can’t be fired. Most warriors obtain rifles and display them with pride, just as others around the world would display flashy jewelry. I have no clue what the numbers mean on the stock of the rifle. When I asked about the numbers, my interpreter’s interpreter was having trouble posing the correct question, so I gave up.

Nikon D4, Nikon 24-70mm @ 28, ISO 160, f.5 at 1/250 sec. Underexposed by 2 stops, Profoto B1 with exposure compensation set for +1, 3 foot octo modifier. Light was 90 degrees off camera to my right.

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