They Did It Again

Hasselbald, who's been bringing back images from the moon and space for half a century just knocked another one out of the park, actually twice this year. Introducing the X1D-50c. I have been a Hassy shooter (non-sponsored) for the past four years using both the ccd and cmos sensors. As such, I can attest to the incredible images that I can pull out of the 50c sensor.

While in Iceland this past March, I was forced to shoot at very high ISOs to stop the motion of the aurora. I thought I was just wasting my time however, I was wonderfully surprised when I started processing the files. With the 50c, I had very little noise at ISOs up to 3200. What a treat and what cool images I was able to capture.

This year they pushed the envelope again with the H6D (the pro body) and now the X1d-50c, the worlds first mirrorless medium format camera.

For more details, just jump over to the Hasselbald site.

While I will have to wait and see if the X1D has a place in my kit bag, meanwhile I eagerly await my H6D.

Well done Hassy!