Allow me to share a few thoughts as I grieve for my best friend.

Today, the world is without another great and gentle soul. As I was boarding my flight at SFO enroute to Iceland, I received word that my best friend, Mark Dickerson, had suffered a fatal heart attack sometime late last night. Mark was found this morning by his office manager.

I met Mark some years back, but funny thing is I can’t really recall how we first met – how odd. We instantly hit it off and I soon became a partner in his studio photography efforts. Over the next several years, Mark consistently pushed me to develop my own type of signature lighting – so glad he did. He had a way of making me see the light in the studio as we completed numerous projects together.

Two years ago he left a successful position as an electrician to pursue the startup of a laser labeling company. He was just beginning to really take his new business to the next level and was totally excited about where he was heading.

Mark was the kind of guy that would help anyone in need at the drop of a hat, and without question. He would give you the shirt off of his back and never ask for it back. He inspired anyone that knew him or was around him. Always respectful, and a true gentleman - a man of strong core values.

Mark, I am sorry you passed all alone. I am so sorry I was not there for you. I hope you know how much your friendship meant to me. I will miss you forever!

Feeling helpless at 32,000 feet.

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