Iceland - Godafoss Last Night in the North

I have shot Godafoss or the Waterfall of the Gods a number of times and each time is different. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in all of Iceland, it's situated in the island's central north. Aqua water falls over the horseshoe-shaped falls that measures 12 meters in height and 30 meters in width at an impressive rate of 500 cubic meters per second at full flow.

In the year 999, a holy man by the name of Þorgeir made Christianity the official religion of Iceland. To mark the occasion, he chucked some Norse statues into the water here, making Goðafoss the famous symbolic site of Iceland´s conversion to Christianity.

Though it's worthy of thousands photos, the extreme weather we had today made it difficult to shoot even one keeper of an image.   Shooting in a wind chill of – 14 with intermittent snow and wind, here is my impression of Godafoss, the most majestic (and difficult to shoot) waterfall in Iceland.  This image is a low-res extraction of 7 images, (each 75MB in size) stitched together.  BTW, it took my new laptop more than an hour to stitch them together and another hour to apply contrast and do the black & white conversion.  The resulting image size after processing and before extraction and down-sizing was a huge 885MB at more than 45 inches wide.

With a down day in Iceland before I start heading home, I just couldn’t keep myself from posting one more waterfall, so here is Godafoss in B&W.

Shooting details for each of 7 shots:  Hasselblad H5D50c, HCD 28mm, ISO 100 6 seconds at f/9.5, Lee Little Stopper NF filter all mounted on a RRS pano head and nodal rail.

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Godafoss Waterfall Iceland