Tanzania Safari: Ndutu, Day 4

What an incredible sunrise this morning! Not only was it inspiring, it served as a simple reminder of how special being on safari can be. 

As we started our journey down to a small stream next to Lake Masek, we noticed a heard of zebras heading our way. Anticipating the zebras would stop to drink from the stream, I had our guide position us on a small outcropping of land near the stream’s edge, which would give us the perfect angle for reflections. It paid off in spades – we all got some great photos!

Afterwards we had a fantastic sighting of lion cubs, including a cub climbing a tree.  

At the end of the day massive clouds formed with distant thunder, I think we're in for another rainstorm. Today was best described by one of my clients as “Awesome Sauce!”  

Tomorrow we are off to Namiri Plains in the heart of the Serengeti. 
Blogging live from Ndutu, Ngorongoro Conservation Area.