Tanzania Safari: Conclusion

I can’t think of a more fitting image to summarize my most recent Muench Workshop Private Safari to Tanzania.
With the exception of Lake Manyara’s tree-climbing lions, these big cats don’t usually attempt to climb trees without low hanging and/or easily navigable branches. Their sheer weight, and lack of specific shoulder muscles, makes serious tree climbing more difficult for lions than other big cats, such as leopards. 
When I took this photo, a young cub decided to prove to his independence to his mother by climbing as high as he could. He quickly figured out he had gone too far – he was noticeably uncomfortable.  
Mom climbed to the lowest branch in the tree to let out a powerful snarl telling junior to get with it and come down. As she wandered toward the marsh, junior took several leaps of faith as he began to make his way down, but not before he paused with a frustrated lounging look for us.
I’m back home now but still living the memories we had on this trip. Special thanks to my wonderful clients that made this trip magic – love you guys.