Tanzania Safari: Ndutu, Day 3

Last night we were treated to a wonderful meal followed by a classic African rainstorm – there’s nothing better than the sound of rain on your tent to lull you to sleep.

The following day, we packed our lunches and headed out for a full day game drive with hopes of landing in the heart of the great wildebeest migration. Due to the rain the night before, most of the herds moved into the area between northern Ndutu and just south and west of Naabi Gate in the Serengeti. 

Even though they were spread out, it was wildebeest as far as the eye could see. We were lucky to watch the birth of a calf as well as a number of newborn calves, who were just hours old. It’s an incredible sight to watch a newborn learn to stand and run in less than three minutes!

We also spotted the Marsh lion pride who gave us a wonderful show – a large male was putting a cub in its place; Chelesa was in just the right position to capture the action. Check out her photo below!


Blogging live from Ndutu Camp Site 6 with Asilia