Kauai - December 26, 2016

December 26, sunrise on the Kauai beach line near the small boat harbor.

Sometimes, capturing an image is all about first having a vision then knowing your camera and lighting conditions so you can create your vision.

Having previously scouted this area, I had in my mind what I wanted to go for. I knew that I would be shooting at an odd angle to the sun. I knew that I wanted a given shutter speed to get the water effect that I was after. I knew the depth of field that I needed to have given the location. So considering all of this, my f-stop and shutter speed are now somewhat fixed. All that remains to manage the scene is my ISO and ND filters.

Shooting details, Hasselblad H6D50c, HC100mm lens, ISO 100, f/11 at 4 seconds. Lee little stopper plus 0.6 ND hard grad from the top.

#Kauai #Hasselblad