Shooting in the rain - Slovenia Style

Just about every day in Italy involved rain to one extent or another. As if the rain in Italy was not enough, the rain made a serious commitment to follow us into Slovenia. You should have seen the look on the faces of my clients when I said we were going shooting in the rain (again). So when nature hands you rain, shoot the rain or better yet, shoot people in the rain. The team was just supper great and followed me right along.

As I rounded the corner, I saw a group of folks standing in the rain listening to their guide describe the sites in front of them. As I watched them, I noticed that as long as their guide was speaking, they were relativity still. Once the guide completed his description, they scattered like mice looking for cheese. I knew I had to be quick.

For this shot, I set the tripod, focused and calculated my exposure for the building in the rear and then captured the group as they listened to their guide. Again, this was way out of my normal style of shooting the streets. I’m happy with the results given it was shooting in the rain.

Shooting details: Hasselblad H5, HCD 35-90mm@ 80mm, ISO 100, f/11 at 1.6 seconds (2.0 seconds for the second image).

Missed this trip? I'll be back next year with Muench Workshops.