Montefalco and Surrounding Cities

Day five into our Italy and Slovenia photo tour and my first real post of the adventure. The weather has certainly been less than desirable, forcing us to get creative with our photographic efforts. Based in Montefalco, we have been using the Palazzo Bontadosi Hotel and Spa has our base of operations for the past four nights.

With daily journeys into the surrounding medieval cities, we were soon captivated by the alley-ways and street scenes that were all around us. Ducking into the small overhangs to shield our equipment from the rain and heavy mist, it did not take long to ignore the rain and get into the groove. Facing less than desirable lighting conditions, I turned to the streets for my images. Hand gestures, a big smile, and acting just a bit goofy were the answers to interacting with the locals when getting them to play along with my photography. With no English being spoken, the days were filled with challenges as I worked the streets with my clients in tow. Everyone had a blast with our street photography. With the dreary skies, I knew from the start that I would end up processing these in B&W, so I shot with B&W in mind from the very start. Here are some of my more special shots from the streets.