Primates Safari: Uganda & Rwanda - Day 5

Clear skies with afternoon temperatures mid 80s and humidity at 89%

Our last day with the chimpanzees proved to our most difficult trek, both physically and photographically. The chimps had moved on the other side of the swamp, and deeper into the forest than we had been before. This caused us to do a 'deep dive' hike into the forest with difficult photographic conditions using ISOs in the 6400 range as a normal starting point. Although fewer photographs were taken today, the day was not without excitement. Again we witnessed a number of long-lasting internal conflicts with lots of vocalization. At one point during the day, one of the troublemakers, Totie, ran directly through the line of porters! You should have seen the porters scatter; oh my, what at sight!

Totie, a 21-year old male, is well-known for having a hot temper and frequently charging observers; Totie is trying to climb the hierarchical leadership ladder, however he shows no respect to the alpha male or others in leadership chain. As a result, the rangers tell us that he has no friends within the community. There is a great deal of speculation about Totie becoming the next alpha male.... time will tell.

Tomorrow, we are off to Rwanda for the start of our gorilla trekking.
Blogging live from Uganda near the Rwenzori Mountains