The Palouse Workshop for Muench is completed

Capture - Process - Print

Last week I finished up leading a Muench Workshop in the wonderful Palouse area of Washington with Andy Williams and Mike Brandt. We had 14 soles from all over the US and Canada. Glazers Camera and MOAB came over in force with large format printers allowing everyone to walk away with really nice prints. Hasselbald was there with tons of gear to loan out to the workshop participants - what a wonderful treat it was to have participants experience the medium format zone and what a success it was. If you missed this one, we will be back in 2016 for another round in the Palouse so check the workshop page on my website in a couple of weeks.

The Wonderful Palouse taken from the air with a Hasselbald H5D40 fitted with a 35-90mm and a 2 axis gyro stabilizer.

The Wonderful Palouse taken from the air with a Hasselbald H5D40 fitted with a 35-90mm and a 2 axis gyro stabilizer.

What some of my clients are saying about this workshop:

Marsha Kirschbaum5 star  As I go through the editing process at the recent Muench Palouse workshop, I am reminded not only of the wonderful sites we visited, but of the attentiveness of the workshop instructors, Randy Hanna, Andy Williams and Michael Brandt, and camaraderie of the workshop participants. The instructors really listened to our goals and gave out “assignments,” advice and critique accordingly to achieve those goals. I know that my photography will continue to improve as a result. Looking forward to the time I can take another one.

Joseph Wu Totally agree with Marsha - the Palouse workshop was terrific (5*). A beautiful location, but even better instruction and camaraderie. I really appreciated Randy asking us what our goals were at the beginning of the workshop and then helping us reach them. Andy gave several of us assignments which we all worked (or are working) on and is very underrated as an Lightroom instructor - be prepared to have your work honestly assessed, it makes you better! He tells you what you need to know to make your pictures sing. He was also attentive to our every need, from dietary restrictions to sudden health issues. Last, but not least, Michael Brandt knows the special locations of the Palouse like the back of his hand and was invaluable with composition. Only on one occasion (Steptoe Butte at sunset) did we ever have to compete with other photographers. Not having to drive/carpool to locations was a huge plus - it helped us all to get to know each other better. Having the folks from Glazer's and Moab was a huge addition as it was great to see our work printed almost immediately. Hasselblad's presence was also welcomed; even if many did not play with the H5D, the opportunity was there for everyone! From the beginner to the advanced photographer, I'd recommend the MW's Palouse workshop without reservation.