And the Serengeti Never Disappoints

Our first stop today was the Retima Hippo Pool followed by a journey to the Maasai Kopjes. These Kopjes turned out to be a great bet as they produced two huge male lions and two females with three cubs estimated at 3 months of age. Although the cubs were located deep inside a tangled web of tree trunks, making photography very difficult, they were fun to watch. On the way back to camp, we were treated to a huge herd of herd of giraffes, some 60 strong with many young ones. Zebras were scattered among the giraffes and heading our way is a long line of Wildebeests. An impressive African sunset, sitting around the campfire telling stories from the bush with zebras, hyenas, lions roaring in the distant – it is going to be a noisy but relaxing African evening.